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This is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet. It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.
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Nov 17, 2022
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1.98.16 (Google Play)
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Battery HD is an advanced battery monitoring app that provides detailed analytics and optimization tools to help extend your mobile device’s battery performance. Read on for a comprehensive look at how Battery HD can enhance your smartphone or tablet’s battery efficiency.

Comprehensive Battery Status Tracking

Battery HD gives you real-time insight into your mobile battery’s health and charge levels. Instantly check remaining battery percentage, current drain rate, estimated standby and usage times, voltage, temperature and more.

In-depth usage statistics allow you to make informed decisions about your device’s battery life. Battery HD keeps you fully informed about your battery status.

Custom Notifications for Battery Events

The app lets you configure custom alerts and notifications for events like battery full or low, discharging and charging, excessive drain, and overheating scenarios.

Stay in control of your mobile’s battery with automatically triggered warnings when charge levels reach user-defined thresholds. Customizable notifications provide battery awareness.

Optimize Usage for Extended Battery Life

Battery HD provides actionable power-saving tips tailored to your usage patterns. Identify power-hungry apps, reduce background activity, adjust brightness, enable battery-saver modes and more.

The app helps you optimize battery performance by making your usage more efficient. Customize device settings for the best battery life with Battery HD.

Detailed Battery Usage Tracking

Gain valuable insight into your battery consumption with Battery HD’s detailed usage tracking. Review breakdowns of app and system-level battery usage over time to identify drain sources.

This helps you modify your usage accordingly by managing intensive apps. Comprehensive battery analytics assist smarter power management.

Real-Time Monitoring with Intuitive UI

An easy-to-use interface displays your device’s live battery data in intuitive graphical formats. View current drain rates, battery health stats, live usage tracking, and more with instant visual representation.

The well-designed UI enables convenient monitoring of up-to-the-minute battery vitals and trends for informed management.

Tips to Maintain Long-Term Battery Health

In addition to charge optimization, Battery HD provides tips to maintain your mobile battery’s long-term durability and health. Suggestions relate to safe charging practices, temperature regulation, calibration, avoiding over-drain, and more.

Make your battery last longer while retaining charge capacity with Battery HD’s guidance for preventative care and maintenance.

Enhanced Device Performance

By helping you optimize your mobile’s battery usage, Battery HD improves overall device performance. Excessive battery drain can drag down phone responsiveness.

Managing usage efficiently prevents overtaxing the battery, letting your phone run smoother. The app provides personalized optimization suggestions.

User-Friendly and Informative

With its combination of insights, analytics, notifications and optimization tools presented via clean visual interface, Battery HD delivers a user-friendly battery management experience.

It distills technical battery data into actionable and easy-to-grasp forms for anyone to benefit from.

Take Charge of Your Mobile Battery

In summary, Battery HD provides comprehensive tracking and charge optimization tools in a sleek package to help you master your smartphone or tablet’s battery performance. Take charge with Battery HD!

Q: How does Battery HD track battery usage?

A: Battery HD tracks battery usage by monitoring system-level and per-app power consumption in real-time and presenting detailed breakdowns and usage histories.

Q: What kind of alerts does Battery HD offer?

A: You can configure custom alerts in Battery HD for events like low battery, fully charged, overheating, excessive discharge rate, and other charge status notifications.

Q: How can Battery HD extend battery life?

A: Battery HD provides personalized usage optimization suggestions like reducing power-hungry background apps, adjusting screen brightness, using battery saver modes, and more ways to extend battery life.

Q: What are some battery health tips from Battery HD?

A: Battery health tips include safe charging practices, regulating device temperature, regular calibration, avoiding over-draining or overcharging, replacing aging batteries, and more.

Q: Does Battery HD show live battery data?

A: Yes, Battery HD displays your device’s live battery stats like remaining %, usage time, current drain rate, voltage, temperature, and more in intuitive graphical formats.

Q: How does Battery HD improve device performance?

A: By optimizing battery usage and preventing excessive battery drain, Battery HD ensures smoother overall device performance with fewer lags.

Q: What key stats does Battery HD show?

A: Key stats displayed include remaining charge percentage, estimated usage time, current discharge rate, battery health metrics, breakdowns of app usage, battery temperature, voltage and more.

Q: Does Battery HD work in the background?

A: Yes, Battery HD efficiently monitors your device’s battery usage seamlessly in the background without draining power itself.

Q: Is Battery HD easy to use?

A: Yes, Battery HD presents battery analytics and optimization tools through a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that is simple to use.

Q: What devices is Battery HD available for?

A: Battery HD is available for Android smartphones and tablets. iPhone version also available separately.

Technical Information

Package name: com.ansangha.drdriving
Version: 1.69 (69)
Supported ABIs: arm64-v8a
File size: 12.3 MB
Updated: February 22, 2022
Minimum Android version: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Screen DPI: nodpi
Architecture: universal
Downloads: 500,000,000+
Content Rating: Teen

Category: Games/Racing
Operating System: Android
Price: Free

What's new

- Now you can select is Settings: which Text to Speech engine to use for Voice Alerts
- Now you can select shorter text variant for Voice Alert:
1. "Battery Level is 50%"
2. "50%"
3. or just a short "50"


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