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This Story saver is the best of savers IG. Story saver allows saving videos and photos from INSTAGRAM STORIES.
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Insta story Saver is an app that can save Instagram stories. You won’t have to worry about losing a good Instagram story again and again anymore because this app will help you save it. It’s not the first time that someone has thought of developing such an app. But this one is special as it comes with a bunch of new features.

How does Insta Story Saver APK work?

Insta Story Saver is an Instagram app that can help you save Instagram stories. As we all know that Instagram stories are temporary and goes off after 24 hours. If you want to save a story you will have to take a screenshot of it. Screenshots are not preferred by most people as their quality gets compromised or mostly there is a video. With Insta Story Saver, you need not take a screenshot or screen-record story. All you need to do is simply open the story, click on the download button of Story Saver, and you are done. It’s that simple!

Why do you need Insta Story Saver APK?

Instagram stories are temporary. Once the story expires, there is no chance of getting it back. You might have forgotten to screenshot your favorite story and be worried that it’s gone forever. Or maybe you have noticed that your story is the most viewed story. By the time you have realized that you need to screenshot it, it has already expired. In both cases, Story Saver can be helpful. If you are one of those people who regularly use Instagram stories, Insta Story Saver is something that you need to have on your phone.

Features of Insta Story Saver APK:

There are many features associated with Story Saver that make it worth downloading. We will discuss some of the important ones in this section. So, let’s get started.

  • Save Stories: As we have discussed above, the first use of Instagram Story Saver is that it can help you save your Instagram stories.
  • No Screenshot: What makes this app special is that you don’t have to take a screenshot of your story and can directly download it.
  • No Restrictions: This app doesn’t have any restrictions like stories or albums. You can download any Instagram story that you like.
  • Preview Stories: This feature lets you preview stories before downloading them. You can decide if you want to download it or not.
  • Multiple Devices: If you use more than one device, you can easily log into your Instagram account from Insta Story Saver and download your stories from all the devices.
  • Regular Updates: The developers keep on adding new features to the app to make it better with every update.
  • No Root: Story Saver doesn’t require root to download Instagram stories.
insta story saver

Drawback of Insta Story Saver

There are many people who are using Story Saver and have benefited from it. But before you download this app, you need to know that it isn’t perfect. You will have to compromise on security and privacy in some way if you choose to use this app. Here is why Insta Story Saver is not a secure app:

  • Privacy Issues: There are privacy issues associated with this app. Since Story Saver needs your password to log you in, there is a chance of someone else logging into your account from their device.
  • Security Flaws: The app doesn’t protect the data of its users. They don’t encrypt their data using SSL.
  • No Customer Support: There is no support provided by the Story Saver team. If you face any issues while using this app, you will have to find a way to resolve them.
  • Risk of getting your account suspended: If Instagram finds out that you are downloading stories using an app like Insta Story Saver, they will most likely ban your account.

Is Insta Story Saver Worth Using?

Now that you know everything about Insta Story Saver, the next question in your mind must be if it is worth using it or not. Let’s discuss this point. Yes, Insta Story Saver is worth using if you use Instagram stories regularly. However, you will have to decide whether you want to use it or not as there are many drawbacks to using this app. If you are okay with the drawbacks, you can download this app from the link above.

Download and Install Insta Story Saver APK

Before you download and install the app, you need to make sure that the app is available in your country. If it is available, you can download the app from the Google Play Store. If not then, you will have to download the APK from other websites. You can download it from APKFlames. Now, let’s discuss how to download and install Insta Story Saver. You can follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store or the website where you can download Insta Story Saver.
  • Search for Insta Story Saver in the Google Play Store or the website where you have downloaded it.
  • Once the app appears on the screen, click on the install button. You will be redirected to a new page where you need to click on the install button again. The app will start installing and you will be able to use it as soon as it’s installed.


Insta Story Saver is a very useful app for Instagram stories. It can help you download stories and save them. Additionally, this app also has additional features like replying to stories and liking stories. If you like to save Instagram stories, Insta Story Saver is the best app for you as it doesn’t require you to take a screenshot. You can just download stories directly from the app. However, you need to keep in mind that this app is not secure. The developers don’t encrypt the data, so there are chances that someone else can log into your account from their device.


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Simply the best. Secondly, I find it funny that some people are complaining about the ads…I mean, you get a wonderful app like this for free, with no subscription and you don’t expect them to make an income somehow to keep providing and sustaining the free app? Lol….. You can’t have it your way… either the subscription is paid without ads or it is free with ads….it is a very lovely app…the best I have used despite the ads.   ~ Richard    

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